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Data Visualization Tool

By Diversity+Inclusion in category Diversity+Inclusion on July 9, 2021

Think about the last time you went searching for specific information on the public service. Maybe you were writing a report and needed statistics on the make-up of the workforce or the experiences of public servants, for example. Well now you can have the complete picture. Recently, TBS improved access to data in a way that provides richer data and deeper analysis. More specifically, through…

"Leaving No One Behind" While Celebrating National AccessAbility Week 2021

By Yazmine Laroche in category Accessibility on June 9, 2021

National AccessAbility Week (NAAW) is a time to celebrate the valuable contributions of Canadians with disabilities and to recognize the efforts of those who work to actively remove barriers to accessibility and inclusion, and I’m thrilled with the level of engagement and enthusiasm I witnessed across the GC for NAAW this year. Image Panel: “Working…

New perspectives on official languages – an interview with Tolga Yalkin

By Diversity+Inclusion in category Diversity+Inclusion on May 27, 2021

You’re going about your day, doing your work, and then someone notifies you that your language levels expire soon and it’s time to schedule some tests. Cue the panic! At least, there’s a sense of stress for some. Unless we’re proficient enough to be granted an exemption, we all need to be tested in our second official language every five years. Often, we’ve done little to maintain our second…

The Federal Speakers’ Forum creates a space for us to talk inclusion, lived experience

By Diversity+Inclusion in category Diversity+Inclusion on March 18, 2021

Have you ever been given a glimpse into someone else’s experiences? Maybe their stories resonated with you, and you realized you aren’t alone. Or perhaps their shared experiences allowed you to learn, giving you a better understanding of the impact of exclusion on someone.  The Federal Speakers’ Forum (FSF) does just that – it provides an opportunity for people to come together to learn about…

Workplace accommodation is about to get easier

By Office of Public Service Accessibility in category Accessibility on February 16, 2021

By Mangla Shandal and Glen Hayes We are excited to talk about some work we’ve been tackling to make the workplace more accessible for persons with disabilities, especially when it comes to workplace accommodations. Imagine that you encounter barriers in the workplace that affect your ability to do your job safely and effectively. Maybe you need a screen reader or adjustments to your physical…

Shared Solutions to Common Problems – International Collaboration in Digital Government

By The Honourable Joyce Murray in category Digital on December 17, 2020

Image Last month, I had the privilege of chairing the 7th Annual Digital Nations Ministerial Summit. This forum of ten leading digital government countries is committed to using technology to improve the lives of their citizens and residents. Over three days of meetings and workshops – all done virtually, not surprisingly – I met with ministers,…

Responsive and Resilient Service – An International Approach to Digital Government

By Mark Levene in category Digital on October 27, 2020

This year, Canada is hosting the Digital Nations Summit. The organization is a group of 10 of the most advanced digital governments around the world. While we had been looking forward to welcoming old and new friends to Ottawa this fall, the pandemic has changed our plans and, for the first time, our summit will be fully remote and digital. Our theme this year is “responsive and resilient…

Minister Murray’s Virtual Tour: Building a Vision for Delivering Services that are secure, accessible and easy to use

By The Honourable Joyce Murray in category Digital on August 6, 2020

I am often asked why Canada has a Minister of Digital Government and what that means. My job is to integrate policy and innovative service delivery with IT management, as we work to digitalize and transform our services to Canadians. My role reflects the importance of doing a better job of serving Canadians. In the past few months people around the world, Canadians among them, have faced…

Working Accessibly from Home

By Yazmine Laroche in category Accessibility on May 25, 2020

In Case You Missed It Benchmark Study on Accommodations in the GC Phase 1 My Accessible GC Episode 1 I hope everyone is in good health and doing everything they can to stay safe and support each other, as we continue to adjust to a new way of doing business and serving Canadians during this pandemic. It has been amazing to witness the resiliency and innovative spirit of public servants, as…

Moving Forward with NextGen

By The Honourable Joyce Murray in category Next Gen HR and Pay on March 6, 2020

Every federal employee deserves to be paid accurately and on time. That is why we have committed to building a new human resources and pay solution that meets the needs of employees. We know the Next Gen HR and pay solution cannot come fast enough but we must take the time to get this right. Today, I was able to give an important update that the NextGen team will be working with SAP on a pilot…

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